Monday, 7 May 2012

Why cpd23

I'm looking forward to the sessions on organising you calendar/time and presenting. These are both things I find challenging so I'm grateful for any tips.  The session I was least looking forward to is this one - blogging - I'm not mad keen on social networking.


  1. Hi Northern Librarian and welcome to cpd23. I hope you're not finding blogging too daunting--someone once described it to me as like having to write their school homework out on the blackboard and I think she had a point. I know when I first started I found it really tough, but it got easier, I promise.

    I hope you get lots out of the programme and do shout if you're having any issues. Good luck!

  2. Where in 'the North' are you based? I used to work in South Shields, where (as a southerner) I enjoyed seeing motorway signs pointing north - I thought I was already there! But to my surprise, I moved to Glasgow and there's still more 'north' up there, way beyond the Scottish Central Belt ...

  3. In Newcastle, I work in Newcastle University Library. I used to work in South Shields too - at South Tyneside College. The Royal Conservatoire of Schotland Whittaker Library sounds interesting!